Alarm Status Table Perspective

Based on a press of a button I want an alarm to be created. The only thing is that this button can be pressed multiple times and I want a new alarm to be created in the status table for each button push.

Is there any way to do this?

Not a unique new alarm, sorry. The closes thing would be an alarm on an integer memory tag set to fire on any change. Those auto clear, but can require acknowledgement. The button would simply increment that tag.

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Sounds great!

When I am trying to do this since it is based on a button a user presses I want them to be able to select the priority of the alarm. I created a drop down that passes the selected priority to a session variable and currently trying to bind that session variable to the priority in the main section of the alarm that is included in the memory tag above.

This is not working to change the priority of the alarm still listing the priority as low.
this is what I binded it too: {self.session.custom.JW.alert.priority}

any advice?

Use separate tags for the separate priorities. I don't think configuring priority on the fly is reasonable/robust.