Alarm Status Table Show footer not working (hiding footer)

When I put Alarm Status Table component on the window and select Show Footer = false (deselected), in designer, footer is going away. But when you run project (F10), the footer is always visible.
I tried to use one line marquee mode of the Alarm Status table.

I have last stable version:

Release Information
Release Date: Sep 5, 2013

The Ignition is installed on Windows 2008 R2 64bit Server and designer and clients are running on windows 7 32bit.
Java (64 and 32 bit) is also the latest version on Server and on Windows computer.

I even tried mobile project on Android smart phone and it’s the same. Footer is always visible.

Also tried to delete cache in .ignition folder.

Is this a bug? :slight_smile: :scratch:

EDIT: I have noticed, that selecting/deselecting any properties for footer (Show Ack/Shelve/Details/Chart/Manage button) have no effect in runtime. In runtime everything is always shown.

Having the same issue…

Same here also the hide buttons properties don’t work either. They will hide them in designer but not when running in clients.

This has been fixed and should show up in 7.6.4-rc1