Alarm Status Table Show footer not working (hiding footer)

When I put Alarm Status Table component on the window and select Show Footer = false (deselected), in designer, footer is going away. But when you run project (F10), the footer is always visible.
I tried to use one line marquee mode of the Alarm Status table.

I have last stable version:

Release Information
Release Date: Sep 5, 2013

The Ignition is installed on Windows 2008 R2 64bit Server and designer and clients are running on windows 7 32bit.
Java (64 and 32 bit) is also the latest version on Server and on Windows computer.

I even tried mobile project on Android smart phone and it’s the same. Footer is always visible.

Also tried to delete cache in .ignition folder.

Is this a bug? :slight_smile: :scratch:

EDIT: I have noticed, that selecting/deselecting any properties for footer (Show Ack/Shelve/Details/Chart/Manage button) have no effect in runtime. In runtime everything is always shown.

I have the same problem…

This bug has been fixed for v7.6.4.

Cool. :thumb_left:

Which will be released … when?

When it’s ready… no solid date yet.

The fix should be included in the next release candidate though, which will happen a lot sooner.

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