Alarm Status Table - Sort by state

Can anyone shed some light on how to sort the Alarm Status Table in Perspective?
I’ve tried to sort by state (descending), but for some reason Active & Ack’d is listed first then Active & Unack’d, which is the opposite of what I need. If I try setting it to ascending, then all the cleared alarms show first.
I’ve also tried combinations of sorting by isAcked and isActive but cannot get the order I need. Its either Active & Unack’d alarms first with the Cleared & Unack’d second, or Active & Ack’d then Active & Unack’d.

The Alarm Status table is sorting purely alphabetically so “Active, Acknowledged” is above “Active, Unacknowledged”. This is not what is needed from folks closely monitoring alarms 24x7 as active alarms are much more important. The competing SCADA platforms usually have a way to put “Active, Acknowledged” always at the top.

I wonder if someone has hacked a custom sort somehow…