Alarm status table source filter

I know the syntax for a source filter property is tank 1 (hardcoded) for the alarm status component. I have been trying to create it using an expression. For example {Tags/TagName} but am not having much success. I have also tried “" + {Tags/TagName} + "” but still nothing.

The alarm status goes in to overlay so am not sure what is happening.

Must be syntax but am not sure - has anyone tried this before?

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How do you want to filter the alarms? Are you sure you want to filter by the source filter and not by the display filter? Your expression is going to return whatever value the Tags/TagName tag is holding. You could start by putting a label on the window and binding it to your expression to double check what the expression is returning.

What you initially posted seems to work fine for me. I got it to work with the following:

The Testing tag was a string that contained the name of the folder that I wanted to filter by.


Try this,
concat(’’,{Root Container.TextBox1.text},’’)

Where TextBox1 is a Text Field Entry

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