Alarm Status Table to only show instanced UDT alarms?

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I designed a popup window that is opened once and icon is pressed. the icon passes all of its UDT parameters to the popup. In the popup i am displaying control features of my motor as well as alarms for this motor. Is there a way under the filter section i can get my alarm status table to only show THAT motor’s alarms? ( if another motor is opened i also call the same popup and would like for motor 2’s alarms to only show when that instance is opened) . I have tried referencing the motor datatype as well as indirect addressing where i use dynamic string in the custom parameters for the UDT as the changing variable.

The filter should be the path to the UDT instance, surrounded by *
E. G.
*area/subarea/motor a/*

Hi Nminchin

Thanks for the reply.The picture below is what i have tried before but the moment i add this, all of my alarms in the window disappear. this is the direct path to the UDT in the tags.

This is the Path directly to the Datatype that id like to use as this is a popup called multiple times. but also does not seem to work?

Am i missing something?

Currently this seems to be working(more testing needed), this is the Parameter that is interchangeable on the UDT instance type

Firstly, I would suggest using the Source Filter instead as it will always link to the source path - Display path can be overridden to show anything you want and hence can break filters.

Secondly, I never use UDTType parameters, so I’m not entirely sure the correct syntax. However it looks like you’re using only the “SDolName” property which presumably is the equip ID of the pump and hence may not always work. Consider if you have UDT instances with the same name in different folders, this filter would bring in alarms from them all. You really need to specify the full path to the UDT instance.

I never use UDTType parameters

I always pass the path to UDT instances into my templates as it’s far more flexible. I usually pass in the UDT instance name and the parent path to the instance for ultimately flexibility. The I would just use those in my alarm filter expression.

Thanks for the Tips. I made some changes you mentioned. I do pass the UDT parameters.

In conclusion, what is working:

  • Using my UDT Instance sDolName at the source path ( UDT parameter passed through tag UDT)
  • In the expression section after adding the parameter add “*” as text on either side.

In my case this will work as we are not allowed to have any sDolName with the same name. Every sDolName needs to be unique.

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