Alarm Status Table - Word wrap / Multi-line long alarm descriptions

Hi, I have some alarms that are shown in an alarm status table within a popup whose display text is too long to display within the given area.

How can I word wrap this text to be shown on the next line(s)? I do not want to resort to including HTML tags for these alarms as they should display on one line if they’re able to (e.g. display on the full screen alarm status page).

Thanks in advance!


HTML display paths and increasing row height would obviously be the easiest solution, but here are 2 other ideas I had:

A label near the alarm component with the following expression binding:

try({Root Container.Alarm Status Table.selectedAlarms}[0,'DisplayPath'], 'No alarm selected')

Or the following propertyChange event handler on the Alarm Status Table:

if (event.propertyName == "selectedAlarms") and (event.source.selectedAlarms.getRowCount() > 0):
	system.gui.messageBox("Selected Alarm: " + event.source.selectedAlarms.getValueAt(0,"DisplayPath"))

Both of these options work better with Multi Select off.

how can i do the HTML in perspective Alarm Status Table?