Alarm Status Table

Hi developers, i need yours help… I want to configure the viewing characteristics of the alarm table so that when entering the page it is already configured automatically, but i did find the solution.

I want to see something like this

I want to see another characteristics (no only "Display Path, Current State and priority ), but this image is like a example.

Please, help.

I’m sure there is a better or more proper way to do this.

But I put the designer into preview mode > Right click at the top by display path etc… > Select what you do and do not want to see.> put back into design mode > save/update.

As @andrews said, just go to preview and edit. I don’t know a better solution to this.

@andrews and @jespinmartin1 I am very grateful with both, and so embarrassed for questioning something so simple.

It did not happen to me to try that solution


No worries, we are all here to help.