Alarm "stuck" in alarm viewer

I have an alarm that is stuck as active in my alarm viewer. I have verified that the tag with the alarm set up on it is false (and alarm is set to on when true). This is not a new alarm and I have not seen this problem before. Where can I check to see why the alarm is not clearing? I did change the alarm message associated with this alarm earlier. The message that is shown in the alarm viewer is the old message. It looks like changing the message possibly while the alarm was active is what got it stuck?


We’ve had a few reports of stuff like this pop up here and there, but we haven’t been able to really track it down yet. I actually have a case like this open right now that I’m working on…

At any rate, sometimes the problem seems to come from the “alert status cache” that gets written to file. If possible, try shutting down Ignition, and deleting the “.alerts” file in “{Install dir}/contexts/main”. After restarting, you shouldn’t still see the alert.

If it happens again, try to note exactly what let to it. Any clues we can get on the chain of events that lead to it can help- I’ll look into editing the properties (message) and see if that leads anywhere.