Alarm stuck in alarm viewer

Deleting a tag that has an active alarm causes it to be stuck in the alarm viewer.

Not sure how to fix.

have you tried stopping and starting the gateway?

You can restart the Gateway to wipe out all current alert info, but the catch is that there is a .alerts file that allows alarms to persist across gateway restarts. You can find it in “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\contexts\main”. Just delete that and restart the gateway to make Ignition rebuild the current active alerts.

To add just a bit of clarification to that- you need to stop the gateway, delete the “.alerts” file, and then start the gateway. Deleting it while the gateway is running will just cause it to get written again on shutdown.

Ultimately, this shouldn’t happen- when you delete a tag, it sends an “unregister” message to the alert system. Something must have occurred along the way. If something like this comes up again, try to grab the log files and send them to us, in case something useful is reported.


I have actually had this happen multiple times. Previously I have just had to restart the gateway to remedy the problem. Right now I have the issue with four different alarms and I cannot find the directory that you are referring to.

I have alarms stuck but they have not been erased, one theory was that the “Enable” with an expression was causing this but I have both ones with expression and with no binding. Any comment in this? The alarms are driven by an Allen Bradley PLC in case this helps.

Has this file location changed? I have a bunch of alarms that need to be re-initialized, but I can’t find this file to delete.

Is it now /Ignition/data/.alarms_**** ?