Alarm stuck in Perspective Alarm viewer

I have made alarms for my AGVs that would enable of disabe depending on where they were located and if they are logged in the system, you can log them out to do maintenance. This is because I have different display paths on different areas and didn’t want to see alarms for zone 1 in zone 3.

My issue is that whenever the alarm is disabled but it was still active the alarm gets stuck in the viewer and it doesn’t seem I can clear it until the same AGV arrives to the same area. Any recommendations?


If the alarm is disabled, its corresponding alarm event in an alarm status table should immediately disappear. If you’re seeing this behavior, you might want to show this to someone in support for further troubleshooting.

I think this depends on your version. From memory, this was an issue that was fixed with a specific release. It has been fixed for quite a while I believe.

It’s always a great idea to include your version when you post something.