Alarm Summary and Trend

Hi Sir/Mdm,

Appreciate if anyone could assist in my query. As we need to have day and night mode, as of now, I am unable to do the following:

  1. Alarm Summmary template titlebar (Am I able to change the colour of the titlebar and the colour of the text wording? How?)

  2. Alarm Summary titlebar currently allowed operator to move the different column (example Time and Status, etc. (Am I able to prevent any operator from moving? How?)

  3. The trending page in the IADemo Adhocchart where user can click from the tag tree browser to the chart. Similarly, the colour of the chart need to have day/night mode, how?)

  4. The trending chart template save button and minimize and maximum button are too small for a touch screen application. Are we able to put in our own button and make it work? Required the script for the button.

Look forward for a reply on the above.