Alarm Summary Table Notes Word Wrap

Is it possible to make the notes display on the alarm summary table automatically word wrap, or have a word wrap option?

+1 - I’m having a similar problem. I’m running v7.5.6 and I’m using the Alerts summary table with the Notes field option enabled. I also have a runtime editor that enables users to edit the Alerts properties of tags, and one of the fields users can edit is the Notes field of the Alerts properties. That field in the editor is able to word wrap, however, the Notes field in the Alerts summary table doesn’t, and I can’t find a property in the Alert Summary that will enable me to make this work for me. I tried adding the tags to the text of a Note field from the Alerts property of a tag without success, and I don’t know how to reach the “back end” of the Alert Summary table in order to expose the property I need.

any suggestions?

As a simple workaround, disable the notes area of the AlertSummary and place a Label next to it.
For the Label’s text property use the expression:

if({Root Container.Alert Summary.selectedRow} > -1, '<html>' +{Root Container.Alert Summary.alerts}[{Root Container.Alert Summary.selectedRow},'notes'] +'</html>' , '' )

yeah, I was hoping to avoid doing something like that, but it will definitely work that way. Thanks for the feedback