"Alarm" table not updating

I have copied the alarm history page from the Inductive dairy example but I cannot get the alarm table to show new alarms or changes to any existing alarm (acked, clear etc) until either the date range is “nudged” or a different selection is ticked in the “show all alarms” area. How do I get the table to “poll” or what is the solution to this. (I know there is a “propertychange” function in event handlers but this does not do the function I am after, I have used a print command here and this does not fire until the same as the table i.e. date range moved etc).

To set the alarm table to poll, modify the binding on the Data property on the main table. There is a polling option at the bottom of the binding to set the polling rate to Off, Polling or Absolute.

I was referring to your Dairy example that uses a table not the alarm summary table. It uses a dynamic expression that supplies the “Data” that is another expression. As they are expressions there are no polling options. Would I need to reference a script via a timer when the page is open? The setup works real nice apart from not showing alarms being ack’ed live etc. Hope I have not missed something obvious from your reply. I tried a table with SQL query to the alarm storage but you lose out on FLAGS and other booleans.
To re-cap:
Dairy example, alarm history,
ack alarm and it stays same colour, move date range (or select differnetnshow option) and table updates.
Hope I have explained myself.

I think I solved it. And for any noobs like me the obvious answer is to put ,1000 within the brackets for the runscript for “data”. This updates the table every second. This then shows any alarms ack’ed as the true colours without having to manually refresh the table via date range.

Yes, perfect! The runScript() expression function takes a second argument, the poll rate in milliseconds.