Alarm table status bug

Alarm still displaying as Active, Acknowledged in the Alarm Status Table

but the alarm is Cleared,Acknowledged in the tag/udt

Restarting the tag doesn’t fix the issue. Any ideas what might cause it?

Verifying the displayed alarm against the “Source” column instead of “Display Path” is going to be a better verification. What version are you using? How is the alarm being triggered, cleared and acknowledged? It seems odd that the “AckTime”, “ActiveTime”, and “ClearTime” are all the same time.

There sources are the same

The alarm is triggered when the tag value is < 0 and is set to auto acknowledge

Running version 8.0.16

And how is the tag being cleared?

The tag is reset back to 0 by the PLC as soon as the condition is healthy

This might be something you need to contact support about because I’m not able to replicate it on my end.