Alarm Table Translations

Hello for all

In Designer: … e9e5f1.jpg

In Vision: … 0a9ee4.jpg

Why not working translation in vision?

How odd. I’ll take a look at it today. It would help if I knew what version of Ignition you’re running.

Version of Ignition is 7.7.1 x64

If possible, could you put a button on the screen that just did this, and then look at the results from Help>Diagnostics>Console, and see if they’re different?

print "Current Locale: %s" % system.util.getLocale()


In designer console it writes: Current Locale: en

Hello? Need answer!

Could you take screen shot of the text in the translation manager? Is it actually defined under “english alternate” instead of under the proper locale? This is my best guess, since when you say it’s working correct, the locale is actually currently english.

If that’s the case, you should be able to export just the english alternates, and then re-import them under the real locale.

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Yes, as I thought, it appears that you’ve translated the terms under English, instead of under the correct language.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. From the translation manager, select “export”.
  2. Select a folder, and a base name, such as “translations”.
  3. Select only “English” for export (I think that’s all you have right now)
  4. The export format doesn’t matter much, but I’d pick “XML”.
  5. Once you export, you should see the file “translations_EN.xml”.
  6. Change the name to “translations_ru.xml” (I’m assuming you’re actually operating in a russian locale)
  7. Import the file. It should detect the russian locale and create it.

In between 6 & 7 you could delete your translations, if you wanted, so you don’t have them twice, but it’s not a big deal.

Now when you go in the client, which is operating under the russian locale, you should get the translations as you expect.

(* On a side note, we’ll also make it work more consistently between the client and designer. In this case, the designer appears to be trying Russian>English Alt>English base. In the client, it appears to only do Russian>English base.)