Alarm Text Translation to French

Dear Experts,
I have created project in English Language & I want to translate it in French.
I created data type of 4 boolean tag to generate alarms. Given data type properties as bellow

1_Station String Vibration Table
2_Component String Stack-1 Holding Cylinder
3_Home String i_Down

Given alarms properties/Display Path {1_Station} {2_Component} {TagName} ({3_Home}).
Alarms/Faults are generated according to name given to 1_station, 2_Components, tag name & 3_Home.

I want to translate text contain in Data Type value according to language selection or any other method. So if French language is selected the alarm will generate in French.


Do you have a list/table of the values these variables can take ?
If you do, translation is only a matter of writing down the translated values in the translation manager.
Doc here:
If you don’t, then I don’t see a way to do this.

In any case, I suggest you follow the good practice as described here:

The project I’m working on already has a lot of translations set up, but without following those good practices, and I’m afraid it’s gonna be an issue quite soon.