Alarming Delay Time Base

I have question as to the thoughts behind the alarm delay settings in the new alarming that are in seconds. This is odd to me since most all other time base setting in ignition are ms based settings. Was this an oversight? Would really be much better if it was ms based and not seconds due to the fact if you are trying to tie this to a PLC time its more than likely a ms value in the PLC. Just wanted to see what intensions were here.

Which part are you talking about? The consolidation tab on notification blocks? Or something else?

Edit: Oooh, probably the active and clear delays, huh?

Yes the active and clears.

No, it wasn’t an oversight, it was just a decision. Most of the time the delays used are well over a second, like 1 minute, 10 minutes, etc. The number of times it would be in the milliseconds range would be very small. However, it’s worth noting that the value is actually stored as a float, and can be fractional, so if you must tie it to a tag that is stored in ms, just bind to an expression that divides that referenced value by 1000.


Ok thanks Colby just wanted to make sure it was the way it was going to be and not change.
We just made adjustment to our AOI in PLC to compensate.