I currently have two issues:
1- have tried everything trying to set up my alarm and still not getting emails out of my pipeline. I work for a big company so I don’t know if I should call IT to have them involve or its just my settings that need to be tweak up a bit! I did pretty much everything by the book and still no emails out. I went ad far as opening up a Gmail account just try it out and used all the settings described in the manual (Stmp, port,etc etc). Do I have to write down my email and password or perhaps I am missing something else?

2_I have recently wrote an application with four Windows and its currently online in the plant. I didn’t use an alarm Windows (pop up windows when the numbers are out of spec).so, How do I add a new dock window with the alarm Icon attach to it? Or just an alarm setting that would pop everytime its required to.

As for emails being sent: if you are using Gmail, yes you need to use your fully qualified email address ( as the username and your password.

Testing the alarm notification emails is troublesome because there are multiple new parts to it in 7.6. You need to make sure that you have

  1. a user with an email address
  2. a roster with the above user
  3. an email notification profile
  4. a pipeline that sends an email using the above roster and email profile
  5. a test alarm that’s set to go to the above pipeline
  6. make sure the pipeline has been saved
  7. check the Console in the Ignition Gateway. It will say if the email failed delivery to the smtp server.
  8. check your spam folder. Gmail often marks Ignition’s emails as spam because it sounds like a program wrote them (which is true!).

There are lots of different ways to make a window that shows your current alarm status. You could create a new docked window and put a label or status table on there. You could set up a tag change script that opens a window, etc.