Alarming from SQL Bridge Module

We have a SQL bridge module and are having trouble getting tags that live on the SQL bridge to alert like the ones we have on the full installation.

Is there anything special to know about?

We are using version 7.5.4



Have you set up alerts on SQLTags or on OPC Items in your Transaction groups? Either way they should behave similarly, the only difference would be the rate that they are updates. OPC Items use the group’s Execution Scheduling where SQLTags use their scan class.

Can you be more specific about what is not happening? If you are sending emails and using that as your marker for testing alarms, then you could have filters or errors elsewhere.

I have some alarm tags set up the exact same way I do in the full module. If I trigger an alarm, however it doesn’t even appear in the gateway’s alarm console.

[quote=“mikehill100”]I have some alarm tags set up the exact same way I do in the full module.[/quote]What does this mean? What is “the full module?” Are you talking about a licensed ignition and an unlicensed version?

If you trigger an alarm, it should show up in the alert console. Try creating a tag with an alarm in the default internal tag provider and trigger it. It should show up in a new Alert Summary Table component.