AlarmJournal Set Date Range Popup size

I am using Perspective AlarmJournalTable for historical alarms on a 8" tablet. When trying to set the data range filter the cancel and apply button is hidden off the screen because of the popup size. Could I change the height or width of the Set Date Range popup so that all the components are visible on a small display? If I could change the popup Y position it could also work.

This doesn’t directly answer the question, but may be relevant.

If it’s windows, have you checked that the display scale is set to 100%? We had some touch panel tablet pcs that were set to 150% which reduced the 1920 res down to like 1250 thus making our displays not fit. We design our large format displays for 1366 as this the res of our HMIs onsite.

It’s just the popup component from the AlarmJournal that is the problem.

@rodrigo.almeida: What version are you using? We made some changes as part of 8.1.2 which would affect how this modal displays, and should prevent this from occurring.

As client has 8.0.8 I am also developing on that version. Any solution without upgrading?

Not for 8.0.8. At the absolute very least you would need to go to 8.0.13.

Thank you.