Alarms and AT&T's business Messenger app

Has anyone ever ran into issues with cell provider when sending alarms to phones via e-mail?

My current company is using Top View for alarm notification; they don’t have ignition SCADA (yet :wink:). They were kind of forced by AT&T (the work phone provider) to get the Business Messenger App for phones after AT&T saw the original alarms as spam and blocked it. So now instead of sending the alarms to they are sent to and the app has to be running on the phone to recieve it. If the app isn’t running then the phone gets some non-descript message from a random short-code number. Not ideal to say the least.

Looking into it with my understanding of ignition-based alarm notification I found that the Top View server is not utilizing SMTP but just sending them “directly.” This is where I think my company messed up and if they had set it up with the proper SMTP information then all would have been good. “Direct,” probably works great within a network but I can’t see it be seen as anything but spam from cell carriers or other outside SMTP servers.

So I am looking to see if anyone with ignition, since for e-mails to phones you need to have an SMTP, has ran into a similar thing with cell providers. I can’t tell if this is just bad configuration of the alarm server or AT&T has changed their policies on e-mail to text. If people have had this issue then I’ll probably continue in looking for an SMS solution so we can get off the app.