Alarms and Datasets


I’m hoping this is an easy answer, but so far I haven’t found a solution.

Is there a way I can get one dataset tag to generate multiple alarms based off one of the columns?

For example: I would like two alarms generated based off the Active column (see table below). I would then like to use the other columns to set labels, priority, path, etc…

Thanks in advance,


Hi Matthew,

Dataset tags are not designed to use alarm configs unfortunately and it is stated in our user manual

You can however do something similar with array tags if that works for you.

ok. Thanks for clarifying. I thought I was missing something…

I was determined to use the dataset. The workaround is to create an alarm for each row in the dataset. Creating a tag import (json) file makes this process less cumbersome. I then created a custom script that cycles through each row, updating the oldest entry. This keeps the dataset at fixed size which guarantees each row has an alarm. Not the most efficient solution - but it works.

Oh. I did notice a bug when viewing alarms. The literal tag binding was displayed – not the value. This bug went away when I disabled and re-enabled the alarm.

Can you show a little bit of your code to do this?

I’m new to ignition but one of the task I was given was to create alarms that match what are in the PLC, a possible 450. We were about to automatically grab the strings from the PLC into an array but now I need a way to make them alarms and find a way to trigger the alarm when they are active in the PLC.

Thank you

If you want to have a PLC string be used as an alarm message, then to me the easiest is create a tag for the string and then a separate tag for the alarm. You can then reference the string in the alarm tag.

You can easily knock this out if you have a list of alarms defined already, for example, in an Excel file. You can read the Excel file and then create the tags in a script.

Keep in mind that the alarm message will not update while the alarm is active.