Alarms and Events

This is more of a general OPC-UA functionality versus a Ignition feature, but how does the UA spec address what was OPC AE, and how does Ignition treat A&E type data? Does Ignition end up handling alarming and logs with the actual A&E timestamps?

So, the “U” in OPC-UA stands for “Unified”. What they mean by this is that they unified the old DA, A&E and HDA specs into a single spec.

With that being said, not every OPC-UA application supports all part of the UA spec. They tried to clarify this with the idea of different “Profiles” that carve up the UA spec into subsets, but this hasn’t caught on too much.

Anyhow, long story short: The A&E stuff is included in UA, but Ignition doesn’t use any of it. (We may in the future, though)