Alarms and Redunancy

With no active and no unacknowledged alarms present I force a switchover to the backup gateway. No active and no unacknowledged alarms show up on the backup gateway when the switchover completes. But then I restart the primary gateway and when it takes over again I get a random assortment of cleared and unacknowledged alarms. When I look at the Target Event Id of these alarms there is no corresponding Active state for them.

Are there some settings I should look at to fix this?

Hello Jay,

What version of 7.9 are you using?

Also, after restarting your primary gateway and it taking over from the backup do you see cleared and unacknowledged alarms or cleared and acknowledged alarms, a screenshot of your alarm status table after restarting the primary gateway would be helpful.

If you have an alarm journal table as well, it would be a good idea to cross-reference the eventID with the journal to see if there were any active alarm events.