Alarms - AnyChange Mode

Good afternoon.

On Ignition 8.1.15, I am trying to set alarms for a device. This device has a single tag to read the alarm codes. The alarm is activated when the code is greater than 0.
These codes are between 1 and 200, and two consecutive alarms can occur without going through 0.
So, I have set the alarm like this:


But I am simulating the alarms and they are always “cleared” automatically:


This is expected behavior according to the documentation, but it doesn’t seem consistent to me. If a condition is met to trigger the alarm, why is it automatically cleared without first going through the disable condition (= 0)?

“This alarm will never be ‘active’”…In my opinion, an alarm that never is activated, is not an alarm.

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What specific behavior were you wanting your alarms to have? Were you wanting notifications to trigger every time the value changes above the set point?

With that configuration of “Alarm Mode” = Above Setpoint and “Any Change” = True, it is expected behavior for these alarms to be immediate cleared by design. If you wanted notifications with this set up, you would have to disable “cleared” option in the pipeline’s block editor under “dropout conditions”.