file is too fat

Hi all!

I have an issue with the file in the installation directory in Ignition/data/datacache/Alarms.

It doesn’t stop growing (about 42GB at this moment).

What can I do to stop it getting bigger?


I believe that this file would contain the Store and Forward cache for a datasource called Alarms. Do you have a database connection configured in Ignition called Alarms with store and forward information viewable on the gateway web page under Status > Store and Forward? If so, how many items are in the cache, and is the database connection faulted?

Also, it’s occasionally possible for this store and forward cache to get corrupted. If you disable the cache on the datasource (Configure -> Databases -> Store and Forward -> Alarms -> Disk Cache Enabled), then remove/rename the /Alarms folder in the datacache directory, then set disk cache back to enabled, it will generate a new cache file that shouldn’t be subject to these issues. Note that if you have any quarantined/cached records they will be deleted or inaccessible after you do this.