Alarms - Display path expression

Hi all,

I have an UDT tag with some alarms and I’d like to configure the display paths as an expression, but I am having some troubles… I would to concatenate an UDT parameter and a tag value (string), then I tried:

{[~]Alarm_Configuration/Alarm_root_path} + {id}

where “Alarm_root_path” is the tag, while “id” is the UDT parameter.

With such expression the system return (tag diagnostic): “Error forwarding data: Duplicate entry”
I’ve tryed several solutions (also using cast to string, concatenate() and so on) but they didn’t work. However, using the expression tab I noticed that:

{[~]Alarm_Configuration/Alarm_root_path} --> works

{[~]Alarm_Configuration/Alarm_root_path} + “/test” --> works

{id} --> doesn’t works

Then I am quite sure that the problem is the {id} expression, but I can’t figure how to fix it…
Thank you,


Have you tried?

'{[~]Alarm_Configuration/Alarm_root_path}' + '{id}'

Note the single quotes around both.

I have tried with single quote but not as you suggest: just tried now and works correctly !

Thank you !