Alarms for different projects

I’m a new user, currently converting our Factory Talk View SE over to Ignition. My plant will have multiple projects, one for each area, that will share a common tag database. Each area will have a SQL tag folder with its own tags. Before I get too deep into it, I’m trying to determine if the alarms from the SQL tag database can be separated by area.
IE, if I have 4 areas (area1, area2, area3 and area4), when I create a project for area1, will the alarm summary show the alarms from all the areas (1-4)? I only want the alarm tags associated to that area’s SQL tag folder to display.
Any tips or suggestions before I get too deep into this?
Thanks in advance, Mike

You can use “Source Filter” property of the Alarm Status table to filter by path, so if you have your tags in folders by site, you should have no trouble setting up the Source Filter for each of the site’s projects. You filter will be something like Path/to/siteNumFolder/* meanign give me alarms for tags whose path starts with “Path/to/siteNumFolder/”

Thank you Anna!

OK, I’m entering the path wrong, I guess
^^^^ doesnt seem to work?

Try just: WTP/

I gave that a try, didn’t make any difference.
Thanks, Mike

OK, I got it. I turned on the source path in the alarm status table, and it revealed the correct path, which was: prov:default:/tag:wtp/*
Thanks again, Mike