Alarms from Dataset Tags

Hey all,

Maybe someone has done something like this before, I can’t figure out a good way to go about it.

I am pulling alarm data from a different system via a SQL table, I’d like to mirror those alarms in Ignition. Is there a way to dynamically create alarms from a dataset tag? i.e., each row in the dataset would be an alarm and when that row is no longer returned the alarm clears? Or, is there a way to dynamically generate alarms via scripting somehow? I’d hate to have to create a separate tag for each alarm if I don’t have to.

As far as I’m aware alarms are extended properties of a tag. I don’t think there is a way to dynamically insert alarms.

You can manually add to the alarm journal (briefly talked about in this thread), but current statuses, like in the alarm status table, reside in memory.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Well this is what I came up with. Not really what I was looking for, but it works:

I created enough tags that will look at each row of the dataset tag and gets the length of the name column. If the row does not exist then it defaults to length 0:

Then I configured the alarm so that the label is the value in the name column of that row. It will be active if the tag is not equal to 0:

I have to create enough tags to account for the number of alarms that could be active at once, but at least it’s somewhat dynamic… It would be nice if this could be added into the dataset tag natively.