Alarms not saying cleared in Alarm Status Table

Ignition 8.0.7

I am having trouble with some alarms not showing as cleared in the Alarm Status Table when i think they should be. I wonder if they might be orphaned alarms because part way thru, we changed tag providers, and they may have been on then. The tag paths stayed the same in the new provider.

When I go to my tag browser and follow the path listed in the table, it shows the alarm is off. If I uncheck AlarmEvalEnabled or Enabled, nothing changes on the Status Table. If I change the Alarm to a statement that makes it true, a new entry shows in the table, which changes when the alarm goes back off.

I did a restart of the Ignition PC, with no changes. Any ideas on how I might clear these alarms?

If you look at the source of the alarm in the alarm status table, does it match the expected current source? Is this happening in Vision or Perspective?

So, I had just been looking at DisplayPath; I turned on Source Path and see the old tag provider in the path. Otherwise, I think it matches. Below are a couple screen shots.

This is in Vision.

Yes, so if “OrbitalX_Hop” is the old provider it looks like the old alarms are still present in the database, which is entirely expected; we don’t remove historical data when you switch providers, because maybe you still need that data.

If you don’t need that data any longer, you could remove the entries from the database. I’ve reached out to another team member to assist in how to do this.

On shutdown alarms status info is stored to a file located at data/.alarms_<timestamp> which is subsequently loaded on startup. This file likely has these additional entries stored in it and we have seen similar issues occur when a Gateway backup is restored with different data or data where tag information has changed as this file will persist with the old information during restores.

You can delete this file with the following process. Keep in mind that this will remove all currently known states of alarms (acknowledgements, shelving state, and previous clearing of alarms):

  1. Shutdown Ignition
  2. Move the <ignition install location>/data/.alarms_<timestamp> file to a new location outside of the Ignition folder to preserve the file in case you need to put it back.
  3. Startup Ignition

Ignition does need to be shutdown during this process as the file is only written to on shutdown of the system and read on startup. States are kept in memory after that point.


Haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Looks like the customer has some policies that prevent me from stopping the service. They also don’t allow me to boot from USB or boot into Safe Mode, so I haven’t found a way yet to get rid of that file.

Hi I have the same problem, I did the 3 steps, but did’nt work, could you help me please?