Alarms randomly sent out from device


This morning (and apparently last monday) Ignition blew up my customer’s inbox with all of the alarms for tags connected to a certain device. There was no record of these alarms in the database.

I am using 7.6.3, but the alarms are configured with the legacy notification. The device is an AB SLC connected over net-ENI. Any idea of what could have happened?



What did your Gateway Console show?

Nothing having to do with alarms


Are these all boolean alarms? Is there any chance someone might have edited the plc program? I don’t have a solid lead, just things we’ve seen in the past (note: and I believe shouldn’t be a problem in 7.6.3).

Are the alarms logged to a db? Could you take a look and see what it thought the trigger values are? It’s easy to imagine that this could be caused by the device disconnecting and reconnecting, though the system is supposed to ignore bad quality data for alarming. If there were messages in the logs from around that time, did they concern the device?


They are boolean alarms.

Every alarm configured for the device is going off at exactly the same time.
None went to the database.
There is nothing in the wrapper files or console at the time they were sent out.
The device is connected over a NET-ENI. It is a remote site connected by ethernet over radio.

I will continue to look for inconsistencies.

Thanks for helping,