Alarms 'System Ack' Randomly

For some reason we are seeing alarms randomly ack by the system. We have all alarms set to manual ack. This also appears to be random alarms doing this meaning an alarm might do it couple times then not for a few times then it will do it again. As you can see from below we get the system ack at the same time the alarm fires.

Running 7.6 rc3

Hmm that’s the behavior you’d expect if the ack mode was automatic. You haven’t changed ack modes, have you?

You’ll also get system acks if there are more than 5 (this is settable in alarm general settings) outstanding events for that tag, but you’d expect the oldest ones to get acked first, not the most recent…

Yes it looks like what is happening is once you have 5 (or what ever set point is on gateway) un ack’ed alarms then all of that specific alarm get system ack’ed as soon as they come into the system. Like you said I would have expected to see the last 5 not system ack’ed but doesn’t appear to be doing that at this time. Also all alarms in system are set to manual currently and they all appear have the above behavior.

Ok so I think the system is working correctly, it’s just tricky to look at.

In your screenshot you had an Active and an Ack with the same timestamps, but they weren’t the same event. The active came in, the queue was already at 5, so it bumped the oldest one, and that one got acked. It just looks like the same one because after all, it’s the same alarm. Check the Event IDs to be sure that these are different events.

After exposing the eventid column and look at the data you are indeed correct. Now that I know it works in this manner it make sense. Sorry I didn’t catch that from the start.

No problem - it fooled me too. Colby set me straight :slight_smile: