Alarms via e-mail or pager

I want to monitor a temperature (refrigerator) 24/7. If it goes above my alarm set point I want to either send an e-mail to me, OR call my pager number.

Any ideas?


Sending email alerts is pretty straight-forward in FactorySQL. Unfortunately, calling pagers/phones is not yet supported.

For email alerts:

  1. Set up your alarm point. Put your point into a group, if it’s not already in one, then edit its configuration. On the alerting tab, enable alerting, change it to analog, and enter a point with the trigger you want. Fill in any other info you might want, such as the state description, and a custom message (or you can leave the default).

  2. Make sure alerting is turned on. Go to “Alert Settings” under the settings menu. Make sure you have a valid connection selected under Log/Status options, and table names filled in. I don’t think it’s actually critical that you have alerts logged, but it’s useful.

  3. Set up email alerting. Check the box that says “Send an email…”. Enter in your email server’s information.

  4. Finally, add your email to the recipient list. There a lot of flexibility in how you get the list of addresses to send to, but in your case, the straight forward list should work fine.

Hit OK to close settings, start up your group, and you should be up and running.

Hope this helps,

In today’s world the life of the pager is waning fast. If you have any application that can send email, then you can send text messages to a cell phone that has texting enabled.

This is what I do and customers love it. Each carrier has their own way of doing it but usually the address is some variation of:

example for a Cingular (AT&T) phone:

find your carrier on this page to try it out. If it isn’t on this page just google your carrier for email to text. … de=details

For nextel the syntax is

Maximum of 160 characters in both the body and the subject.

Good to see you back! Thanks for the info.

[quote=“David”]For nextel the syntax is

Maximum of 160 characters in both the body and the subject.[/quote]