Alarms with acknowledge mode set to manual can no longer be acknowledged after being cleared

I have a project where we have alarms with acknowledge mode being manual with the expectation that users will acknowledge even the cleared alarms to indicate that they saw it.

I seem to remember being able to do this fine in 8.0.17 but since moving to 8.1.4 it seems that we can not acknowledge cleared alarms anymore. The alarm.Manager logger returns a warning indicating the the alarm may no longer be registered. Is this a bug or is the intention to not be able to acknowledge cleared alarms? I have tried using the system.alarm.acknowledge function within the scripting console as well with the corresponding alarm ids and it doesn’t throw any errors in the script console but returns the same warning on the gateway.

I set up a simple test on 8.1.4 and do not see the same issue. You should be able to acknowledge cleared alarms.

We had at least one other report of similar behavior after updating to 8.1.4 where this error would occur, (although I’m not sure if was unique to cleared alarms). In that case it seemed to resolve once an edit/save was made to the tag provider. Can you give that a try?

Changing the description of the tag provider and saving it to restart did let me acknowledge those alarms but it seems that whenever the gateway restarts the alarms generated before the restart cannot be acknowledged.

I still haven’t had any luck reproducing on this end. I tried creating a tag with an alarm in 8.0.17. I then updated to 8.1.4, triggered/cleared the alarm, and restarted the gateway. At that point I was still able to acknowledge the alarm without an issue.

I would encourage you to open a support ticket if you haven’t done so already so that they can take a closer look at the specifics of your scenario.