Alarms without tags

Good morning, I am working on a tool control application, in which I need that every two months that the tools have use they send me an alarm, but they will be around 40 thousand tools, so I would not want to do it with tags, Is there a way to do it directly with the database?

Alarms work by monitoring the state of a tag and generate an alarm if a condition is met. If you are not using tags, then you will need some other way to monitor for a condition to be met. How are you planning to do this? Timer Script, Job in SQL, or some other way?

Once you have detected that an alarm is required, you could use just one tag and one alarm, and bind the Label or Display Path to another tag that identifies the tool. This way you can have multiple alarms generated that display different information, from the one tag.

Note that you can also script tags to be added (including alarm config):

Usually we have one “state” tag per device, and add a list of alarms to that one tag.
If the same device is repeated over many times, we make sure to define the alarms in an UDT, and just create an UDT instance per device. The alarm message can display UDT configuration parameters (like an info string we add to figure out which device it is).