AlarmStatusTable Components Display only one source

I'm studying about alarming and I have a problem.
I created AlarmStatusTable in my new project and used the tag which name is g_aui0_11Offs as a alarm.
The problem is in my AlarmStatusTable, the alarm tags from other project is also displaying like Station_3/pump_fault as show in the image.
I only want to display g_aui0_11Offs in my statusTable and remove other alarms.

Can anyone tell me solution for my problem.

From the screenshot, this appears to be the Perspective version. I've gone ahead and tagged the post for you so more people can see it.

You can filter the alarms by source or display path to show only the tag you want. For more details, here is the manual page: check the "filter" property, specifically under "active" and "conditions".

Let us know if you get stuck anywhere.


Thank you so much !