Alert Cleared email sent when alert was not active

last night at 9:05 PM i received alert clear emails for my sql tags that have alerts setup as followed:

with an expression like this one with the respective tag names:

if(dateDiff(toDate(executeScalarQuery("SELECT TOP 1 t_stamp FROM tblTank801 ORDER BY t_stamp DESC","FactorySQL")),now(),"minute")>=10
	,if(toint({[~]Fermenters/800/801/801_Status},-1)!=0 || toint({[~]Fermenters/800/801/801_Status.Quality},-1)!=192

Why did I receive cleared messages when i never received any active messages? How do i make it so i only receive clear messages when the alert was previously active?

I also attached the log from the gateway to help diagnose what happened.

Thank you,
AlertsClearedLogs.bin.gz (306 KB)

This occured because at 9:03 the system was restarted (whether you expected this or not is a seperate issue…). When the system starts up, or a tag is modified, it sends a message with the current state. In this case, the state was clear on startup.

Those initial messages can be sent to email or not. On your notification profile, look for the “send initial” option and turn it off in order to not receive these types of events.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


For what it’s worth, it doesn’t look like the system was stopped intentionally. The wrapper.log files might already have been cycled, but you might look there to see if there’s any more info. The Java Service Wrapper will print information in those files which doesn’t make it into the binary log system.


thanks. i cleared the send initial and we will see what happens in the future.

I checked the wrapper file when i came in today, but the last time stamp was 9:21PM yesterday. ~15 to late. hopefully it will happen again so i can figure out why it stopped.

I see there is an archived wrapper file with the information from yesterday. all i see around 9:03PM is a line that says “JVM appears hung”. does that file tell you anything more that could help me identify what happened?
WrapperArchived.txt (1.48 MB)