Alert Contacts Problem

I have a (7.3.2)system set with a distributed alert contacts list with about 20 groups set by
with XXX set to the specific group name.
I also have an overall group set up by {[SEVERITY]}>0 to log all alarms sent out by email.

The alarms seem to be ‘mostly’ working fine except for the fact that one contact (I’ve only heard about one so far) is receiving alarms that are not assigned to him. The contact in question is linked to about 6 groups.
I’ve taken one alarm in specific and gone through everything including the Dispaly Path, Severity, Group conditions, Contact Group Mapping and everything seems ok.
Yet I have evidence of the alarm being sent to the contact.
Is there any detailed log of emails sent or is there any diagnostics on grouping or contacts?

By default, we don’t log any debug messages when sending out alert notifications. However, you can turn on logging if you login to the Gateway Configuration page and select System > Console. Once on the console page select the Levels tab. Find the Alerting.Notification.**** (replace **** with the name of your notification profile) logger and change the level to Debug. That way whenever alerts get sent out you will see the list of addresses it was sent to. See what you can find.