Alert Count Gateway Tag

Hey guys,

I was playing around writing some scripts on my development server and I was using a tag change script on the gateway tag “Alert Count” to fire some other scripting stuff. I finally got it working the way I wanted so I went to put that on our primary server and found out that there was no Alert Count gateway tag on that server… The development server and the production servers are running the same version and build (7.3.3 b570) but one has the tag and the other does not. The only difference is that the development server is a stand-alone server and the production servers are redundant. Is this correct or a bug?

Screen shot from development server:

Screen shot from production server:

Are you using a third party module? Make sure that both servers have the same modules loaded.

oh… duh… :blush: yeah, I guess I should have checked that. I think that is the issue. Thanks, Travis!