Alert email addresses from a database table

I have several alerts that go to a particular group of people. The manager of that group would like to be able to select from a list, the members of his group that will receive the emails during the current week. He would like to be able to change that listing every week or even every few days. Is there a way I could have FSQL get the alert distribution list for certain alerts from the database?

If you’re already using/are familiar with distribution groups, it’s useful to note that FactorySQL will load them every minute, specifically in order that they can be changed from time to time.

So, all you really need to do is define the groups, and then create an interface somewhere that lets the managers play around with which contacts are assigned to which groups (the mapping is contained in the “alert_distro_gc_map” table).

If you don’t want a user to receive emails, just remove their id from that table. There are a variety of other things you could do (such as perhaps renaming the mapping table and then creating a view that mimics it, but only returns contacts who have a new “enabled” column selected or something), but this direct management is the easiest.


Thanks Colby. That seems pretty straight forward.