Alert_log Table missing

[size=130]I install Ignition in a new pc and I realized there is not an “alert_log” table in my db.


but in my previous installation i have the “alert_log” table


I need that table for show historical alarms, I try with an alarm journal, it worked but with some issues I explained in this topic, so I need this solution or to use the alarm journal.[/size]

The Alert_Log is no longer used, it uses alarm_events and alarm_events_data now

[size=130]If I query the alarm_events table I get this


and the alarm_event_data show this


all the data is separated in this two tables, so why is this better than the old alert_log table?
the alert_log table showed all the data and now I don’t know how to show it in a table component, I tryed with an alarm journal but it gives me error when I try to use “focus on selected alarm”. [/size]

I’m not sure what your question is?

My question is How can I bring the data from “alarm_events” and “alarm_event_data” just like when I bringed the data from the “alert_log”