Alert mode lost on import

We just upgraded from 7.5.13 to 7.7.5 and I am experiencing an issue now that I had not caught in testing.

When importing edited UDTs the alert mode (.AlertMode) property is getting lost. My existing legacy alerting tags are all working fine and will return a value for the .AlertMode property but once they are exported and then re-imported that property no longer exists.

If I try to write to that property for an UDT instance that has not been re-imported it works with no problem. If I do so on an instance of a imported UDT I get the error “The specified tag does not exist.” Trying to edit it with system.tag.edit also does nothing.

Is this a bug or are we not allowed to import UDTs with fully functional legacy alerting?

After further experimentation I’ve found out that what’s causing the problem is that the .AlertMode attribute for tags is not surviving the export process.

When I export a UDT, edit it and then import the edited UDT the alert mode is lost.

I have manually re-add the attribute to all of my alarmable tags:

<Property name="AlertMode">2</Property> or <Property name="AlertMode">1</Property>

if I want to be able to use the alert mode attribute. :cry: