Alert Name

Is it possible in any way to change the Name of an alert in the Alarm Configuration dynamically? Such as an expression or alert property references? Or might it be possible to change it from a python script that writes to the property? If not is there any way to display an alert custom property in the Alarm Status Table (i.e. - I create a property called Alert Display Name that will then show up as a column in the Alarm Status Table)? The reason I am asking is that I would like to set up a screen that would allow our facility manager to change the alert Name (or a Display Name) on his own without having to ask me to do it for him. I cannot use the Display path because we are already using that as a filter for the Alarm Status Table. Appreciate any help.


No, the name can’t be changed, because it’s important to have some stable way to know exactly where an event came from. Theoretically, this is exactly what the display path is meant for, though to be able to change it later, you’d have to bind it to a memory tag or something.

Since you’re already using display path, you should be able to use associated data (custom properties). However, as you’ve noticed, you can’t set up the table to display these as a column. This has been a common request, so we’ll update the table to make this possible, hopefully sometime in the 7.6 chain.


Has this feature been added in 7.9? I need an additional column to display custom data with each alarm.