Alert not sending clear

Why would my following alert not be sending an alarm cleared message?

Thank you,

Is it sending anything? Because from the message settings, I believe you would end up with two identical emails for both on alert and on clear.

If you can easily trigger it, try going to Console>Levels and turning “AlertBus” to Trace. When you trigger it, it should take 2 minutes to go active, because of your time deadband. However, on clear, you should immediately see a message published to the AlertBus along the lines of:
“Alert published [SQLTags.default…AlertStatusCO2 - 12 - Medium-High - 0.0”

The “12” in there means “Cleared|Acked”, since it’s in “auto ack” mode.

If you don’t see that, or see something else, let me know.


thank you. i did not realize i left out the alert_type. now i can see whether it is a new alert or a clear.