Alert Notes not working

I have read the forum posts on this but I still need some clarification.

Ignition 7.2.9 running on MS Server 2008.

Often we need to add a supervisor’s note to the Alert Log. It seems like the Alert Notes column is designed to display pre-configured notes from the tag alert configuration - but that is not working either. From the attached screen shot you can see that a text message is entered into the tag alert note field, but nothing is displayed in the Alert Log visible in the same screen shot. What am I missing here? I also made the notes column editable and now I can write in the column, but it is not persistant. As soon as the screen updates the notes column is blank again.

The alert notes aren’t actually stored in the database - you will have to extract the notes from the tag’s meta data under “AlertNotes”. Using a propertyChange event handler on the table so that you can pull in the appropriate data when data changes will probably be the best way. It looks like you’re using the table from the IA Demo project, so you’ll notice a script already in that event.