Alert Notification Failing

I have an Ignition 7.2.10 system that has two alert notification profiles set up on it. The profiles are based on the display path of the alert tag.
What seems to be happening is that every now and again the alerting for one of the profiles stops working, giving the reason that there are no addresses to send the alert too. However if the tables in the SQL database are checked the mappings are there.
The only way to get it back is to go in to the edit on the notification profile and hit save, it then seems to reinitialise the profile and the alerting starts working again.

Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.

see this thread.

I had the same issue with 7.2. I think it may have been related to a database fault caused by a rather large query. Have you noticed any database faults in your logfile?

Thanks for the reply and the link. I’ll have a look for any database faults in the log.
However, from reading the other post I might just look at upgrading to at least version 7.5.3 to avoid any other issues.