Alert on Any Change Deadband

What does "subject to the alert deadband mean" in the below documentation?

Will it allow me to delay the alert email from being sent when the value changes? I need the email to wait for another tag to update that is being used in the alert message.

thank you,

The “subject to the alert deadband” statement means that we won’t evaluate the alert until it changes by + or - the alert deadband. We ignore that in the “Any Change” mode. It won’t let you delay until another tag changes. For that you will have to create an expression tag that looks for when a tag value is equal to your condition and when another tag’s last change is within a certain period of time. You would alert on the expression and not the raw tag.

Travis is right in that it won’t help you delay. However, what it means is that the tag is not considered to have “changed” unless it changes by at least that amount. Doesn’t help for digital on/off tags, but for analog tags, it’s basically the same as the normal deadband, but for alerting (the normal deadband, on Numeric Properties, would cause you not to see the value change on the tag until it changed by that amount).

So, if your deadband was 5, and the tag stated at 3, you would only get an “on change” alert when the value went to 8 or -2.