Alert Summary Component - Severity Style

Would like to have foreground/background/blink/font properties formatted by configurable alert severity styles. This component currently ignores severity except for row sorting, probably because it would most definitely conflict with the other styles. Conflicting styles would have to be disabled (grayed out) to make this work.

If any gurus have a workaround, other than rolling my own alert table, I’m all eyes. :open_mouth:


I think you’re going to need to roll your own. Like you said. the only way to do this would be to increase the property count on that component by a large multiplier (i.e. every permutation) and configuring it would become burdensome. We’d have to go towards some other system to configure the visual styles.

I know you’re really busy getting 7.3 out, but I hope you will reconsider the configurable structure of this component, at least long-term. Every active alarm screen I’ve worked on in the last 28 years had similar attributes, usually called out in the client’s requirement spec that must be met:

Alarms/Alerts #1 in sort order is High Severity/Unacknowledged/Active
Alarms/Alerts #2 in sort order is High Severity/Acknowledged/Active
Down through the other severities.

Each alert combination would have a configurable foreground/background/blink color combination for the sites spec requirements.

Maybe offer alternative flavors of this component so as not to interfere with the current one?

I will roll my own for this project as you suggested, but I know that under some bidding scenarios I could easily lose Ignition projects by not being able to natively meet alert handling specs.

Long term everything is on the table. The suggestion to roll-your-own table was for the immediate term. Making a variety of native alarm handling components is something that we are planning on doing.