Alert Summary Date Format

How can I change the date format in the built in alert summary table?

It defaults to hh:mm:ss AM mm/dd/yyyy, where as I need hh:mm:ss dd/mm/yyyy in 24 hour notation.

Is this possible?

Darn! Somehow me managed to forget to expose the alert summary table’s dateFormat property. Sorry about that. It will be included in the next release, which should be next week.

If you can’t wait that long then in the meantime you can set it through scripting. ( the feature exists - we just forgot to expose it through the Designer’s property editor table) For example, you might put this in your window’s internalFrameActivated script to set the property every time a window opens:

table = event.source.rootContainer.getComponent("Alert Summary") table.dateFormat = "HH:mm:ss dd/mm/yyyy"

Remember, this script will only run in the Designer’s “preview mode” or in an actual Client, not normally in the Designer.

Sounds good thanks.

This is in for 7.0.4. Also added a number format property for formatting the active and/or clear values for an alert.